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Mindfulness Training for Family Caregivers

The StAR Lab investigates the impact of mindfulness training for family caregivers of persons with a neurodegenerative disorder.

Got Mindfulness?

What happens if you intentionally focus your attention on present-moment experiences with an open heart and open mind?

Food for Thought

Did you know that what you eat effects your brain health?

Members of the Bathurst-Finch Senior Society (BASS) share their take aways from our 9-week workshop

The StAR Lab works with community partners to support wellbeing among community-dwelling older adults.


Housed in the Institute for Stress and Wellbeing Research and directed by Dr. Alexandra J. Fiocco,  the Stress and Healthy Aging Research (StAR) Lab is dedicated to elucidating the biological and psychosocial predictors of cognitive health and emotional wellbeing in late life. In addition to predictors of cognitive health and wellbeing, the StAR research program aims to evaluate potential intervention program that may facilitate the maintenance of cognitive health and improve quality of life in later years.

Research Focus


Stress is a complex phenomenon that affects everyone, regardless of age, race, or religion. The StAR Lab is dedicated to investigating the effects of stress on psychological and physical wellbeing and in exploring strategies that may minimize distress in younger and older adults,

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Prevention and Healing

Prevention is key! The StAR Lab is dedicated to evaluating evidence-based prevention methods to support healing and wellness in late life.

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Cognition and Brain Health

Cognitive impairment is a health concern of increasing importance as our population ages. The StAR Lab examines factors that accelerate and slow down cognitive declines in later adulthood.

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Prospective Graduate Students

Dr. Fiocco supervises both clinical and psychological science graduate students. Graduate applications are received through the psychology graduate school application portal each year in December. 

** Dr. Fiocco will not be reviewing applications for the 2024 cycle

Research Assistants

The StAR Lab welcomes students who are interested in gaining research experience through volunteering, PSY700, and work study programs.  The need for research assistants (RAs) varies each semester, depending on the number of ongoing projects.  Please contact Dr. Fiocco with your inquiries.  

Postdoctoral Fellows

If you are interested in applying for external agencies (e.g., CIHR, SSHRC) to fund a postdoctoral fellowship in the StAR Lab, please send a cover letter and CV to Dr. Alexandra Fiocco (afiocco@torontomu.ca) to explore the possibilities.

StAR Lab News

“Stressed Out”. TVO Today: The Thread with Nam Kiwanuka

June 10, 2024

The StAR Lab is honoured to have contributed to The Thread's episode "Stressed Out". Nam and the crew were awesome!

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Coping With COVID-19: Building Resilience during a time of uncertainty

April 2, 2024

Dr. Fiocco presents on stress and coping during the COVID-19 pandemic.  /*! elementor – v3.18.0 – 20-12-2023 */ .elementor-widget-image{text-align:center}.elementor-widget-image a{display:inline-block}.elementor-widget-image...

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Beyond Age Podcast – Dr. Fiocco speaks with Jennifer Botterill on mindfulness, mindset, and aging

March 3, 2024

Dr. Fiocco speaks with Jennifer Botterill about mindfulness and the importance of mindset for healthy aging. To listen to the...

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