The Toronto
Metropolitan Auditory
Research Cluster

Music. Rhythm. Hearing.

About Us

Mente et Artificio (With Mind and Skill)

The Toronto Metropolitan Auditory Research Cluster was formed in 2020 with Dr. Frank Russo and the welcome addition of Dr. Molly Henry and Dr. Brandon Paul to the psychology department of Toronto Metropolitan University.  

The idea was to bring together bright minds in the same but vast field of auditory research. Each scientist brought their own unique specialization and interdisciplinary skills to complement and create a much broader and detailed understanding in the science of auditory psychology.

Neural and Environmental Rhythms Lab

The "Neural and Environmental Rhythms" lab explores how synchrony between brain rhythms and environmental rhythms shapes our perception of the world. We use psychophysics, M/EEG, and noninvasive brain stimulation to do this.

Smart Lab

The SMART lab is an interdisciplinary research team. We are engaged with basic and applied research questions at the intersection of music, mind and action. Our research foci include music cognition, hearing science, and health and wellbeing. Click here to learn more about our philosophical and methodological approach to research.

Cognitive Hearing Lab

We do scientific research to study relationship between the brain and the ear. The way that we hear shapes how we we think about information and remember it, how we act and feel, and how use other senses like touch and vision.