Welcome to the Psychology, Law & Justice Lab!

The lab is accepting graduate students for Fall of 2025.

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Dr. Caroline Erentzen

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The Psychology, Law and Justice Lab is located in the Department of Psychology at Toronto Metropolitan University, and directed by Dr. Caroline Erentzen. Our research addressed questions at the intersection of psychology and law, including the way that social identities might affect our rights and our risk of violence or victimization.

Prospective Graduate Students
Dr. Erentzen is accepting graduate students for Fall 2025 admission in Toronto Metropolitan University’s Psychological Science graduate Program. If you have questions about the lab, please contact Dr. Erentzen (erentzen@torontomu.ca). Note that we typically do not conduct interviews before the admissions process has begun in January. 

Prospective Research Assistants
If you are interested in joining the lab as a volunteer research assistant, please contact Dr. Erentzen at erentzen@torontomu.ca. Please provide a copy of your resume and transcripts along with your message.