Kay Wright-Whyte

Kay is the Research Coordinator for the SMART Lab, she joined the lab in June 2018 after moving to Canada from Glasgow, UK.

Kay has a BSc honours in Psychology from Glasgow University and completed a Masters degree in Cognitive Neuroscience at Durham University in 2011.
After graduating from her Masters degree, Kay started working in the area of hearing research; she worked for 5 years as an RA at the Medical Research Council’s Institute of Hearing Research in Glasgow under the supervision of Drs Michael Akeroyd and Graham Naylor.
In early 2017 Kay moved to Canada and started working at the Univerisity of Toronto, Mississauga with Drs Kathy Pichora-Fuller and Alison Chasteen on a project looking into the stigma associated with hearing loss, hearing aids, and aging, and the effect this stigma can have on people’s health-seeking behaviours.

Kay’s primary research interests are the effects of hearing loss on everyday life and how we can improve the technology available to those suffering; she is also interested specifically in the effects of hearing loss of emotion perception, and the effects of stigma on health related behaviours.