Active Aging Training (AAT)

The proposed project aims to develop and validate a multi-domain digital active aging program integrated with resilience to promote the biopsychosocial functions of older adults. It addresses two sub-objectives: 1) to develop a digital multi-domain active aging training program to promote aging; and 2) to evaluate the efficacy of the active aging training program and its durability to mitigate the lingering detrimental impacts of the pandemic. The proposed study takes a typical pretest-training-posttest design, with a 1-month delay follow-up.  The outcome measures assess physical, psychological, and social functions. The training program involves 4 weeks of 16 training/practice/control treatment sessions delivered via Zoom or on their own. The team includes interdisciplinary academic and community leaders. The active aging programs will be developed and delivered with the partner organizations, such as Aging in Cloud (AIC). The results will have significant social implications in community aging programs that will ultimately reduce the post-COVID burden on Canadian economic and healthcare systems.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Lixia Yang

Recruitment is currently underway for the Active Aging project. More information can be found at