Welcome to the Cognitive Aging Lab!

About Us

The Cognitive Aging Lab aims to investigate the changes in cognitive functions occurring with human aging and the potential learning capacity of older adults. The research methods being used in the lab primarily include behavioural experiments and psychometric assessments. We also occasionally adopt neuroimaging or electrophysiological techniques (fMRI and/or ERP) to examine the underlying brain mechanisms for cognitive functioning. The goal of our research is to better understand age-related changes in cognition (e.g., attention, memory, and learning) and the associated brain functions. Meanwhile, we have been dedicated to develop optimal cognitive and physical training programs that could help elderly people to maximally maintain their cognitive and neural functions. 

Core Research Areas

Aging and Cognition

Plasticity and the Aging Brain

Culture and Memory

COVID-19 and the Chinese Community

Recent News

May 2024: The CAL’s 2024 newsletter has been released! You can access it by clicking here.

March 2024: CAL alumna Angela Xiang was accepted in the graduate program in Counselling & Clinical Psychology at UofT OISE. Congratulations, Angela!

February 2024: Congratulations to Kesaan Kandasamy on his new position as a Predoctoral Intern in Clinical Neuropsychology at Baycrest Health Sciences! Way to go, Kesaan!

February 2024: CAL welcomes new research assistants Sofia Verduga, Francesco Martire, Reyhana Wilson, Kayla Correia, and Estel Tershana. They will be assisting Cassandra Skrotzki on her Disseration project. Welcome all!

January 2024: CAL welcomes new practicum student Matula Prabaharan and research assistants Shania Hossain and Bahaar Najibzada!

September 2023: CAL welcomes new graduate student, Julie Dicker, and undergraduate research assistant, Mary Wang!

June 2022: Congratulations to CAL members Mariah Lecompte, Max Marshall, and Litzia Mirra! Mariah was awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship for the 2023-2024 academic year, Max was awarded a SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship to pursue Clinical Psychology at Toronto Metropolitan University, and Litzia was awarded an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award! 

June 2023: The CAL graduate students Mariah Lecompte, Cassandra Skrotzki, Kesaan Kandasamy, and Kathryn Bolton delivered a virtual and in-person Active Aging Workshop through the 50+ Program at Toronto Metropolitan University. 

April 2023: CAL welcomes new undergraduate thesis students, Jeseca Kyreallah, Katherine Imbat, and Michaela Perez! The lab also welcomes a new summer research assistant, Tracy Xu! Finally, CAL welcomes Ling Li, Mike Chen, and Xindi Wang, who will be supporting the Active Aging with Resilience Project. Welcome all! 

March 2023: New CAL study published in Aging and Health Research.

Community Dissemination

Active Aging Workshop

Graduate students in the Cognitive Aging Lab collaborated with The LIFE Institute at Toronto Metropolitan University to deliver this Active Aging Workshop. View the workshop below to hear members of the Cognitive Aging Lab discuss current research on activities that contribute to healthy aging processes. 

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