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Postdoctoral Researchers

Recent PhDs in developmental psychology or cognitive neuroscience are encouraged to reach out to Dr. Moulson to explore potential postdoctoral positions in the BEE Lab. 

Graduate Students

Dr. Moulson will be considering graduate applications for program entry in Fall 2022

Are you interested in pursuing graduate studies in the Department of Psychology at Ryerson University? Please feel free to reach out to Dr. Moulson for additional information. More information about applying to our graduate program is also available here

Note: Dr. Moulson is not a clinical psychologist and does not provide training in clinical psychology. She therefore primarily supervises students in the Psychological Science stream.

Undergraduate Students

Are you interested in gaining research experience in developmental psychology and/or cognitive neuroscience? There are several ways to get involved in the BEE Lab!

Honours Thesis

Each year, Dr. Moulson supervises one or more students in the undergraduate honours thesis stream. More information about completing an honours thesis can be found here. If you are interested in completing a thesis with Dr. Moulson, please email her in February or March the year before you plan to complete your thesis.

Volunteer Research Assistants

The BEE Lab is not currently accepting applications for new research assistants

Research assistants (RAs) in the BEE Lab participate in numerous aspects of research, including recruiting and testing participants, coding and analyzing data, and helping to prepare results for presentations and publications. They also participate in the broader intellectual life of the lab by attending lab meetings. RAs are expected to devote 8+ hours per week to the BEE Lab. If you’d like to be considered for a volunteer research assistant position in the BEE Lab, please fill out the following information.

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Photo Source: Stanley, P. (n.d.). Humaaans – Illustration by Pablo Stanley [Illustration]. Blush.