The ADMH Lab has several ongoing collaborations with both national and international researchers. The aim(s) of the collaborations are to: (i) foster shared research capacity, (ii) enhance training opportunities for students, and (iii) conduct exciting and clinically relevant research on addictions and mental health.

University of São Paulo, Brazil (Psychiatry Institute)

The Psychiatry Institute is part of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of São Paulo (FMUSP) in Brazil. The psychiatry institute provides psychiatric treatment to the 20 million inhabitants of São Paulo. The ADMH Lab has close collaborations with Dr. Hermano Tavares who directs the Impulse Control and Behavioral Addictions Treatment Unit at FMUSP. The collaboration involves sharing of research protocols, cross-cultural studies of addictions, and opportunities for training in Canada and Brazil for students and faculty. We have also established ongoing collaborations with Dr. Marco Scananivo (Compulsive Sexual Behaviors) and Dr. Andre Malbergier (Substance Use Disorders) from the Psychiatry Institute. The collaboration aims to identify transdiagnostic mechanisms common to addictions and impulse control disorders.

Substance Use and Concurrent Disorders Program (Royal Ottawa)

The Substance Use and Concurrent Disorder Program of the Royal Ottawa provides evidence-based integrated treatment for people with moderate and severe substance use disorder and moderate to severe mental health difficulties (i.e., concurrent disorders). In collaboration with Dr. Kim Corace, we are examining treatment moderators (who) and mediators (how) of integrated treatments. The results from the series of studies will help to continually enhance the treatment for people with concurrent disorders.