Welcome to the Addictions and Mental Health Lab!

About Us

Welcome to the ADMH Lab. Our aim is to conduct rigorous scientific research to understand the risk and protective factors of substance and behavioral addictions and their mental health comorbidities. The ultimate goal is to develop more efficacious treatments for addictions and mental health disorders.

Research Focus

Sports Betting and Gambling-Related Harms

With the recent legalization of sports betting in Canada, little is known about the gambling-related harms that may be associated with this activity and its specific subtypes (e.g., in-play betting). Research in the ADMH Lab seeks to clarify the gambling-related harms as well as demographic, mental health, and addiction-related variables that are associated with sports betting.

Addictions and their Mental Health Comorbidities

Addictions and mental health disorders commonly co-occur. Yet, the treatment of addictions and mental health tends to be separated. Research at the ADMH Lab is examining the clinical characteristics associated with people with co-occurring addictions and mental health difficulties.

Transdiagnostic Mechanisms of Addictions​

Are substance and behavioural addictions fundamentally different or are they two sides of the same coin? A main research program in the ADMH Lab is addressing this very question. We examine the shared (and unique) risk factors and psychological processes of substance addictions such as alcohol and cannabis and behavioural addictions such as gambling and video gaming.

The Convergence of Gambling and Video Gaming​

Gambling and video games have traditionally been separate activities. Recent advances in technology have begun to blur the lines between gambling and video games. Examples of such ‘convergence’ include loot boxes, eSports betting, skins betting, and social casino games.​ Our research examines the link between these new activities and problematic gambling and gaming. This research is conducted with a cross-cultural lens with collaborators in Australia, Brazil, Hungary, and Korea.